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    THE RIVER DEEL derives its source from Lough Lene, Lough Bane and the Ben Loughs and then flows for 22 miles in a south easterly direction through Raharney Co. Westmeath before joining with the River Boyne 1 mile upstream of Inchamore Bridge. The River Deel is a limestone river and it is characterised by the clarity of its water. There are excellent hatches of flylife on this river including various upwing species, sedges and diptera.

    Many areas of this river have recovered post drainage and now hold good stocks of wild brown trout to over 2lbs. weight. This river which is controlled by the Deel and Boyne Angling Association fishes best in the early part of the season before its luxuriant growth of weed gets firmly established.

    This river is deep and is best fished by wading, so chest waders are essential. There is good fishing at Cummer Bridge upstream of Raharney and at Clondalee and Killyon Bridges below Raharney. There is also a good stretch immediately below Raharney village. Parking is generally off road and the best access is from the bridges.

    There are prolific hatches of sedge on this river and the evening rise can produce the best results. Daytime fishing can also produce excellent results if the angler uses the correct techniques.

    Location: Co. Westmeath and Co. Meath. The main towns and villages in the area are Delvin and Raharney.

    Season: Fishing takes place from March 1st September 30th.

    Fish Species: The River Deel is a brown trout fishery.

    Methods: Fly fishing, dry fly, wet fly, and nymph fishing are all successful. Dry fly only from Raharney to  Inan Bridge.

    Best Flies: Dry Flies: Grey Duster, CDC Black Gnat, CDC Sedge, CDC Caenis.

    Wet Flies: Black Pennell, Peter Ross, Greenwells Glory & Wickhams Fancy.

    Nymphs: Assorted Nymphs.

    Angling Club: This water is controlled by the Deel and Boyne Angling Association, which supports a policy of catch and release.

    Fishing Tip: Leave the slower flowing areas until evening.

    Permits: Permits for this river are available from:

    Paddy Connaughton, Secretary, Deel & Boyne Angling Association. Tel: (Europe) 00 353 44 74595. (U.S.A.) 011 353 44 74595.

    The Marketing Angling Co-ordinator E.R.F.B.,

    Tel & Fax: Europe: 00 353 87 2746127 U.S.A. 011 353 87 2746127.