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    The Avonmore River


    The Avonmore River rises at the foot of the Wicklow mountains and flows in a south easterly direction through a mountainous landscape for approximately 20 miles before joining the Avonbeg at the meeting of the waters 1.5 miles upstream of Avoca.

    This river runs through plains and valleys is surrounded in some areas by forests. The river has retained its natural characteristics and is undrained. The Avonmore is made up of stretches which alternate between deep, slow flowing glides to areas of fast flowing riffle and run areas culminating in deep pools. This beautiful river contains good stocks of wild brown trout to 8ozs, which is complimented by a stock of fish from 1lb to 1.5lbs in weight. The Avonmore also produces a number of larger fish annually and fish of 5lbs to 6lbs are recorded anually. The best of the fishing takes place in the early season from March to May or in the late summer and early Autumn period from August to September. The sections at Avondale Estate and Clara Vale produce good angling. The Avonmore get all the usual fly hatches including Ephemeropterans, Caddis and Diptera. The best results are obtained by wading instream.

    Location: Co. Wicklow. The main towns in the area are Wicklow, Arklow, Avoca and Woodenbridge.

    Season: Fishing takes place from March 15th to September 30th.

    Fish Species: The Avonmore contains good stocks of wild brown trout.

    Methods: Fishing must be consistent with bye laws for the time being in force as well as the current rules and regulations set out by the Angling Association and riparian owners.

    Best Flies: greenwells spider, iron blue dun, silver sedge, badger quill and golden olives.

    Angling Club: This water is controlled by the Rathdrum Trout Anglers

    Fishing Tip: Try a gold head nymph in the early part of the season when hatches are scarce.

    Permits: Permission to fish this water may be obtained from

    Gala store, Main Street, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow or online via Rathdrum Trout Anglers