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    OPEN SEASON: May 1st – October 12th

    Pallas Lake is a small landlocked midland limestone lake located in Co Offaly about 8 miles from Tullamore town. The lake covers an area of 33 acres ( 13 Hectares). This fishery is part of the Midland Fisheries Group of managed waters and anglers require a fishing permit (ticket charge) to fish here.

    As a ‘put and take’ trout fishery, it is stocked regularly by IFI with rainbow and brown trout and gives good sport throughout the season. When fish over winter they tend to grow large. Rainbow of 7 – 12lbs have been caught here. Typically fish of 1- 2lbs are the norm.

    The banks are soft and wading can be a dangerous exercise. Fishing stands are provided and there are plans to extend these stands in the future. In the interest of safety anglers are advised to confine their fishing to the stands.

    A range of traditional wet flies and lures work well, The Muddler Minnow, Viva, Baby Doll are some lure names which work well here.

    Angling regulations


    12 inches


    3 trout


    Artificial fly, Bank fishing only


    This fishery is part of Inland Fisheries Ireland’s ‘Midland Fisheries Group’ of managed waters and anglers require a fishing permit (ticket charge) to fish here.

    Permits can also be purchased from the following outlets – please click this link.


    Not permitted


    Permitted subject to the regulations (fly only and within the open season for Pallas Lake)


    • Anglers can only fish one rod per angler.
    • Rods must not be left unattended.
    • All under sized fish must be returned to the water with as little injury as possible.
    • The Management reserve the right to refuse and revoke a permit to anyone violating, these regulations or acting in a manner detrimental to the fishery, fishing or the surrounding countryside.
    • Anglers who are found to have acted in an ‘unsporting manner’ may have their permit revoked

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