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In Ireland it is rare for anglers to kill sharks, skates are protected by law and may not be killed, and most rays are voluntarily released.

  • Use barbless or circle hooks for easier release of sharks, skates and rays.
  • Don’t use stainless steel hooks.
  • Use the right rear so you can play the fish quickly and not exhaust your fish.
  • Where possible, release sharks, skates and rays from the side of the boat.
  • Don’t use a gaff.
  • Only land the fish onboardĀ  when absolutely necessary.
  • Don suspend sharks, skates and rays by the tail or hold vertically.
  • Take care not to contact the gills which are easily damaged.
  • If a fish is deep-hooked, cut the line as close as possible to the hook and release it immediately.
  • Release the fish quickly, with a minimum of handling. Use wet gloves or cloth.