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Most fisheries have a bag limit that reflects the angling pressure that the fishery can sustain. However, where this is not specified anglers are requested to exercise constraint. Please consider ‘catch and release’ to ensure for the future of the sport. Even where a limit offers the opportunity to take as many as four trout we advise angler to Limiti their kill, not kill their limit practice Catch, Photo, Release…

Jim McEvoy Cork releasing one of his 17 trout taken on Caenis on Corrib in the early morning

In order to return fish safely and to ensure minimal damage to the fish, it is important that the trout is played firmly and brought as quickly as possible to the net to avoid over tiring the fish. A suitable knotless mesh landing net should be used particularly from a boat.

Anglers should try to unhook the fish without touching them e.g. using of a ‘Ketchum’ type device.

Hands should be wetted if planning to handle the fish. When landed, the fish should be laid flat and the hooks carefully removed. If photographing fish, trout should be cradled and supported properly to avoid injury.

Upon release, the fish should be held carefully in the water to promote recovery until ready to swim away. In rivers point the fish into the current. At all times, the trout should be returned to the water within the shortest possible time.