Leigh Mooney here from the Dublin Pike Anglers.

Leigh Mooney with a 19 lb. pike from the River Shannon

The story behind it was me (Leigh Mooney) and Dave Moody were fishing up on the Finn the last bank hol and my friend Dave found this lure on the bank and handed it to me and said put it to your collection (as I am only fishing the last 3 years).

I hadnt been out since, so we headed to the Shannon this bank holiday to our favorite spot (cant be named) and had a cracking day with over 30 fish caught. Half way through the day I was just after losing about a 10 pounder and decided to tried the lure.  First cast nothing second cast in the same spot I saw this fish coming after the lure and hit it hard.  Thought it was about 15 pound, weighed in at 20 pound 7 ounces with the sling and the sling was 1.7 which meant it weighed 19 pound! Couple of 8s 6s 5s and few 3s on the day. My bag, Leigh Mooney was about 46 pound.  Dave Moody’s was about 35 lb.  Most fish caught on a wobbled smelt few on the bottom couple on spoon and the 19 lb. fish  on a lure.

8 pounder for Dave

Many Thanks

Leigh Mooney

Dublin Pike Anglers.