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    Coarse angling in Ireland


    Republic of Ireland

    The Coarse Fish Bye Law No. 806 of the year 2006 provides for the following conservation measures

    • a bag limit of 4 coarse fish in any one day,
    • prohibits the killing of any coarse fish greater than 25 cm fork length,
    • prohibits the sale of any coarse fish in Ireland (excluding NI), this provision will not apply to fishing tackle dealers and fish bait suppliers who have been granted an exemption from their respective Regional Fisheries Boards.

    The following protective legislation is in place for coarse and pike fishing:

    1. It is illegal to fish with more than two rods
    2. It is illegal to transfer live Roach from one water to another
    3. The use of live bait is prohibited

    In Ireland, as elsewhere on this planet, conservation is necessary to protect the variety of fish in our waters. Anglers are asked to keep this in mind while still making the most of the good sport on offer.

    In Coarse and Pike Angling the use of large keepnets is encouraged, and it is recommended to use pike and carp sacks to retain fish for weighing and photographing before returning them alive to the water.

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