Your Essential Guide To Sea Fishing In Ireland

The island of Ireland has for many years been recognised as one of the Worlds premier sea angling destinations. The 3000 km coastline is among the most varied and spectacular in the northern hemisphere with it’s hundreds of tranquil bays and backwaters, roaring surf beaches, and miles of awe inspiring sea cliffs. The diverse nature of the coastline and Ireland’s unique geographical position, on the edge of the European continental shelf, where the inshore waters are warmed by the North Atlantic Drift (an offshoot of the Gulf Stream) means that the native marine life is extremely rich and varied. The coastal waters of Ireland abound with fish and visiting sports fishermen can expect something in the region of 80 species to aim at, so anything from a blenny of a few grams to a sixgilled shark of over 400 kg can be expected!

Ireland as a Sea Angling Destination

Sea Angling in Ireland can be divided into three distinct categories:

Shore Angling: (spinning, fly fishing, bottom fishing) from beaches, rocks, estuaries, quays and piers. This is probably the most widely practised form of sea fishing, and is enjoyed all round the coast, being most popular south of a line from Galway to Dublin. More about shore angling.

Inshore Angling: (trolling, bottom fishing and spinning) from self drive small boats up to 6 metres (20 feet) in length, in bays and sheltered waters, generally less than 5km (3.5 miles) from land. This is the fastest growing branch of marine sport fishing in Ireland, and from its traditional bases on the eastern and southern coasts is rapidly growing in popularity and spreading to other areas. More about inshore angling.

Offshore or Deep Sea Angling(trolling, bottom fishing, wreck fishing, and drift fishing for shark) usually from purpose built charter vessels of 9 metres (30 feet) and over, and capable of carrying 12 passengers up to 32km (20 miles) offshore. This is the form of fishing on which much of Ireland’s international sea angling reputation has been built. There are currently over 100, top quality, state certified, charter boats dotted around the coast offering the whole gamut of offshore fishing experiences. It is most popular in the south-west, west and north-west of the country. More about deep sea fishing.