Your Essential Guide To Pike Fishing In Ireland

Ireland is located on the western extremity of Europe and for many years has been hailed as one of the world’s premium angling destinations. Historically, Ireland was noted for its salmon and trout fishing, but it has now developed an excellent reputation for the quality of its pike fishing. There is no statutory close season for pike in Ireland and anglers may fish for pike all year round. Pike are now one of the most highly sought after sport fish species in Europe and North America and there has also been a huge increase in the popularity of pike fishing among Irish anglers. Ireland boasts thousands of lakes (Loughs) and several thousand kilometres of pike bearing rivers and canals which are largely underutilised. The availability and quality of fishing means that Irish pike angling can satisfy the expectations of specialist, experienced and novice anglers alike. Conservation measures have been put in place recently to ensure the quality of pike fishing into the future. The best of pike fishing venues are listed here. Pike (Esox lucius) are the largest of the freshwater predators and are abundant in all Irish watercourses from small to large loughs as well as rivers and canals. Irish pike grow quickly and can reach up to 20 Kg. (over 40 lbs.) on some Irish waters with fish of 10 Kg. (over 20 lbs.) being quite common in many of our lakes and rivers. Pike are opportunistic feeders and prey on small fodder fish such as roach, rudd, eels and hybrids. Its physical make up – the long enamelled green mottled body, the great head with its huge eyes and large mouth armed with a fearsome array of teeth makes the pike an efficient hunter. The sporting qualities and hard fighting nature of the wild Irish pike are some of the reasons that this fish is so sought after by sport anglers.

Essential information for pike anglers

Folklore and Fact

In Ireland, there are many stories and legends of great Irish pike including pike of 92 and 90 lbs (42 & 41 Kg.). reportedly...

Pike Angling Methods

25lb 4oz of fly caught pike for Sidney Kennedy

Playing and Handling Pike

A Pike Comes to the Net at Sundays Pike Rigs R Us Competition
Download: Pike Handling and Conservation When deadbait fishing, a take should be struck sooner rather than later to avoid deep hooking the fish. The...

Ireland as a Pike Angling Holiday Destination

Ireland has quality pike fishing to offer the visiting angler and a supporting tourist infrastructure which will help you to catch that pike of a lifetime. Ireland is now readily accessible by sea and air from both UK and mainland Europe. The availability of low cost air and sea fares enables visiting anglers to tailor their visit and maximise their fishing time. Pike anglers visiting Ireland often target our huge network of pike lakes, many of which are concentrated in the Shannon and Erne River Catchments. There are lakes to suit every type of pike angler from smaller lakes like Castle lake and lakes in the Lough Oughter complex in Cavan, to some huge lakes like Loughs Derg, Ree and Erne. Many pike anglers like to fish from the bank and there are many well developed lake and river fisheries which have good access. Others love to tackle the lake fisheries from a boat. Pike angling guides and boat hire services are available on all of our major pike waters. Most accommodation providers will be able provide this service on the nearest pike waters in their area. We can also boast of rivers of a medium size like the River Inny to really big rivers like the Shannon, Suck, Erne, Bann and Barrow that regularly produce many pike over 20 lbs. (9.072 Kg.) and several over 30 lbs (13.60 Kg.) annually. On these rivers there are miles of good bank to fish from in comfort. The pike angler can use a wide range of methods including wobbling and static deadbaiting, spinning, lure and fly fishing. A good range of deadbaits suitable for pike fishing is available from tackleshops from near most of our good pike fisheries.

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