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Boat Hire in Ireland

Boats can be hired from operators at a number of lakes, rivers and coastal angling locations. Please ensure that you carry all the required safety equipment; life-jackets etc before setting out.

To find a boat for hire where you want to fish try the links below:


There is no question that the angler planning to fish at sea must take precautions to ensure the trip is a pleasant experience.

Some Irish inland waters are very large and become dangerous in high winds; they may have reefs or rocky shoals which can be hazardous even on a calm day. When intending to use a boat anglers should notify someone about where they are fishing and what time they are due to return.

It is essential to be familiar with such waters and their hazards before going afloat unaided; a ghillie or guide should be hired for the first few days of the trip. A lifejacket must now be worn by every angler in the boat by law. Anglers should wear suitable protective waterproof clothing whether fishing from shore or boat.