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Family Fishing Fun

Suzanne, Aoife and Katie Ryder all enjoying a family day out and all catching their first ever fish.

What better way to spend the day than fishing with the family! There are countless destinations around the coast or dotted along our rivers and lakes where picnic benches, public toilets and other amenities make a fun, filled family  fishing day all the more appealing.

From put and take rainbow trout fisheries to charter boats on the high seas there are so many great days out to experience.

For families looking for a less manicured solution there are no end to the remote beaches, quiet quays and far away freshwater venues where an great days fishing can be enjoyed.

One thing is for sure, the thrill of catching that fish will more than make up for the trouble of getting them all in the car!

To help you on your way IFI sells a family permit for the Midland area. The permit, which costs €55 allows one adult and 2 children under the age of 16 to fish the following rivers and lakes:

RIVER SUCK and tributaries.
Lough O’Flynn, Lough Acalla, Hollygrove Lake, Stonehams Lake, Lough Lung, Blacks Lake

RIVER INNY and tributaries.
Lough Sheelin, Lough Owel, Lough Ennel, Lough Derravaragh, Lough Glore, Louh Kinale, Bracklough Lough Patrick, Lough Iron

RIVER BROSNA and tributaries.
Ballinafid Lake, Doolin Pond, McEvoys Lake, Sheever Lake, Slevins Lake, Mount Dalton Lake

LITTLE BROSNA RIVER and tributaries.
Camcor River. Please note: no Fishing in Birr Castle.

CAMLIN RIVER and tributaries.

This permit is not required to fish the main River Shannon or other fisheries whose fishing rights are NOT under the control of the Inland Fisheries Ireland.

Annual permits are issued for a calendar year, ie they expire on the 31st of December of the year of issue. Possession of a permit does not allow trout angling during a fisheries closed season.