Ireland is recognised as being the outstanding fishing holiday destination in Europe. The vast variety and quality of fishing in Ireland makes it the perfect destination for your angling holiday.

The Irish climate is well suited to sport angling. It is temperate and kind to the angler with moderate summers, mild winters and adequate rainfall throughout the year. The warm waters of the North Atlantic Drift lap the south and west coasts, giving us a milder climate than our geographical location would indicate. The result is a fabulous mixture of cold and warm water fish species, capable of exciting the specialist or casual angler on the annual family holiday…


Pescare in Irlanda ¦ Peche en Irlande ¦ Vissen in Ierland¦ Angeln in Irland


Family Fishing Fun

What better way to spend the day than fishing with the family! There are countless destinations around the coast or dotted along our rivers...

Angling trips for beginners

The beginner angler has so much to choose from, but the good news is you can start simple and work your way up. Heading...

Expert Anglers

For the angler that feels like they have done it all or needs a new challenge there's something to excite you here in Ireland. Consider...

Adventure angling

Going off the beaten track is a passion for many. With lakes and streams in the most remote regions of Ireland getting off grid...

Fishing in Ireland

The beauty of a Lough Sheelin trout

Trout Fly Fishing in Ireland

If you’ve ever dreamt about catching wild brown trout in Ireland and wondered how to turn your dream into reality then the answer is at your finger tips.

Coarse Fishing in Ireland

If you’ve ever dreamt about a coarse angling trip to Ireland and wondered how you can turn that dream into reality, then the answer is at your fingertips.

Ireland – The Ultimate Pike Angling Destination

Ireland is located on the western extremity of Europe and for many years has been hailed as one of the world’s premium angling destinations. Historically, Ireland was noted for its salmon and trout fishing, but it has now developed an excellent reputation for the quality of its pike fishing.

Sea Fishing in Ireland

The island of Ireland has for many years been recognised as one of the Worlds premier sea angling destinations. The 3000 km coastline is among the most varied and spectacular in the northern hemisphere with it’s hundreds of tranquil bays and backwaters, roaring surf beaches, and miles of awe inspiring sea cliffs.

Salmon and sea trout fishing in Ireland

With a huge network of rivers and loughs, Ireland is the one of the few last refuges for wild salmon and sea trout attracting anglers back year after year.
A tanned Markus Muller with Bass

Bass fishing in Ireland

The bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is considered by many sea anglers to be one of the most exciting and sought after species caught on rod and line. This magnificent streamlined fish with its spiked dorsal fin and powerful forked tail commands the respect of shore and small boat anglers alike.


Useful information

fishing tackle shop

The Irish Tackle Shop Directory

Home » The Irish Tackle Shop Directory Inland Fisheries Ireland has endeavoured to bring to Irish anglers and tourist anglers visiting Ireland a definitive list of all the fishing tackle shops in Ire land. We hope that this resource is of some use to you the angler. How to use this Directory The Directory is [...]

Angling regulations

While no licence is needed for trout, pike and coarse fishing in the Republic of Ireland, a rod licence is required in  Northern Ireland. In both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, licences are required for salmon and sea trout fishing. Find out more about Ireland’s angling regulations

Salmon licences and Angling permits

Licences and Permits

Anglers are legally required to be in possession of a licence when fishing for salmon or sea trout. Licences can be purchased online or from a number of sources, including fishing tackle shops, IFI offices and some fisheries.

Online Permit Shop

Anglers can buy a wide range of Angling Permits (and some other useful items) online. At the moment the full range of items to buy...

Latest angling reports


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Women angling

fishing the Maigue

Would you Belize it! A wet day on the Maigue

Paddy Dunworth of Celtic Angling reports from the Maigue: 15 June: Weather for the Swans - I met Kayla and Keith Bassett at Adare this morning for...


Cillian catches his first salmon on the Coomhola

Jason Nash was in touch to let us know that his son Cillian, who is 5 years old, was fishing on Sunday and had...

Accessible angling

Inland Fisheries Ireland launches new €106,000 accessible fishing facility for wheelchair...

Amenity at Shepperton Lake, near Skibbereen Co Cork, opens tomorrow, April 1st Inland Fisheries Ireland has today launched an ‘all abilities’ accessible angling facility in...

Lough Ree Access For All