Dave Houghton from Active Irish Angling reports on some terrific pike angling experienced by a group of well known English pike anglers fishing on several waters here in Ireland last week.

This is Ireland’s pike angling at its very best …

Five UK pike angling fanatics were on the Upper Shannon and lakes system last week and did their very best to catch every 20lb-plus fish available and certainly broke all records for the number of big fish in one boat.

Kevin Shore from Tarporley in Cheshire and Wolverhampton’s top pike rod, Gary Banks, teamed up for the holiday and finished up with a few ounces short of 260lb from 11 fish – and they had several fish that just fell short of the measure!

Trolling with full size herring and mackerel was the key and produced this handsome big-fish list.

Gary Banks (Wolverhampton): 20-8-0; 22-4-0; 24-10-0; 27-0-0; 31-2-0.

Kevin Shore (Tarporley): 20-2-0; 20-8-0; 21-14-0; 21-14-0; 23-12-0; 26-4-0.

Terry Knight (Neston, Wirral): 22-0-0; 23-8-0; 24-10-0; 28-8-0

Paul Stephenson (Yew Tree Fisheries); 17-0-0; 25-0-0.

Phil Lewis (Wirral):  Best fish of 17-0-0.

Kevin Shore reckons the weather created perfect conditions.  “I’ve experienced this situation once before with big winter fish coming to large (full herring and mackerel) and it was a followed a week later by a hard freeze!”

Well known english pike angler Terry Knight with a lovely pike of 28 lb. 8 oz.


Five dedicated English Pike Anglers

The group, left to right (back) is Kevin Shore, Phil Lewis and Paul Stephenson. Front left to right are Gary Banks and Terry Knight.

Dave Houghton

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