Mick Flanagan reports from the Midlands – Well the weather is out of this World as we catch up on last weeks Angling Action. It was a very productive week, even if conditions were difficult. I had some great days on Owel, catching quality brown trout, and on Friday and Saturday I teamed up with French Anglers Philippe and Fabrice Serafini.The lads were in Ireland fishing Derg, the Suck River, and a few more waters. It was hard going in very bright conditions, and managed only a few small pike till they hit Westmeath. I got them stuck into a few hard fighting pike here in Westmeath, and the deadly Duo will be back in Mullingar in the future for sure. Staying with pike young Philip Keena produced some huge fish last week, and we have the photos to prove it.

I did how ever get a photograph of local anglers chilling out Sunday Morning on Ennell.Its younger looking the Ennell Chairman Doc Waldron is getting.

Doc Waldron and friends
Doc Waldron and friends


FRENCH ANGLERS IN WESTMEATH. I reckon we have the best fishing in Europe be it coarse or game, and if its pushed right Tourism Angling will catch on in Westmeath. Last week French lads philippe and Fabrice Serafini were in Ireland and just by luck they contacted me through my Angling Site. The lads fished all across the Shannon Region taking in the River Suck, and Lough Derg to name just two waters they fished. Conditions were hard and the pike were reluctant to take the bait in bright conditions. They had some very good perch earlier in the week, but pike was on the priority list when they arrived in Mullingar.On Friday and Saturday we were hammered with strong winds, and I got it hard to keep on my favorite drifts for pike. Still we latched onto some real Midland Monsters, and Philippe had a huge fish attack his lure but never hooked –up. It’s very hard to put a size on fish that you see, but the pike that turned on Philippes lure was huge. When you look at the pics this week of pike over 100cm, I can only wonder what size the pike was that we seen. The lads will be back in Mullingar for sure, and Fabrice is making waves on the Lure scene. He specializes in hand made Lures for surface fishing, and next time over I will ask him to bring a few for our readers.http;//plugginweapons.over-blog.com.

KEENA TOP LOCAL PIKER. Well done to Philip Keena on catching some huge pike in recent weeks. Philip is the Grandson of Lene Vice Chairman Paddy Dolan, and he is Angling Mad.On his most recent adventure Philip latched onto two huge pike weighing 22lbs and 24lbs.These are magical fish, and once you break the 20lbs bracket, you are doing something right. Thanks for the super photos of your prized catch Philip, and drop into Liz or Nuala in the Topic office, I have left a few colourful Bulldogs for you.

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