Ashley Hayden of An Irish Angler’s World reports:

The river Barrow has a large pike tradition, many to specimen size having been landed over the years. However, as this writer knows only too well, they do not give themselves up easy. Like any form of fishing, building up a bank of experience is the key to success, with a little luck thrown in of course. That said, anglers make their own luck, usually by researching their chosen quarry, methods, tactics, and most importantly putting the time in fishing.

Having done his homework David Murphy chose a swim noted for its coarse fishing potential, regularly delivering good bags of roach, dace, and hybrids to match anglers. Occasionally a pike or two tempted by rich pickings advertises its presence by attacking a hooked fish destined for the keep net. Aware of this fact David sussed a couple of pikey locations and ledgered a dead roach presented on a running paternoster. Result, three runs and his first ever river pike knocking eight pounds plus.

David Murphy with pike on river Barrow
David Murphy with pike on river Barrow

Ashley Hayden,
An irish Angler’s World
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