Local angling guide Vincent Appleby reports on the latest fishing trends on Lough Currane.

1/5/12 In the words of local ghillie Mr. Neil O’Shea it was black out there on the Lake, with a strong NE wind blowing down the lake with the odd shower, and no reports of any capture of my Noble Salmon.

2/5/12 Straight to my noble salmon department and quote of the day Mr. Dave Ecclestone of the UK caught a 9 lb. salmon on the fly, with his ghillie Mr. Vincent O’Sullivan – www.vincentsfishing.com and Dave would like to inform Mr. Alister Dunbar of Scotland that it Scotland 1 Yorkshire 1 in their battle with my noble Salmon, and Alistair’s quote of the day is the battle Bannockburn 24 June 1314.

Regular visitor Dave Ecclestone from Yorkshire with a fine salmon of 9 lb. on fly.

now to the Sea Trout local Angler Mr. Jim Sayers caught a fine 5

Jim Sayers with a nice 5 lb. sea trout

lb. Sea Trout on the troll off Church Island. Wind East then veered west this afternoon and veered SW this evening light to calm with heavy showers on and off throughout the day.

3/5/12 Breaking News, local ghillie Mr. Bob Priestly reported that he and his client Mr. Steve Cameron caught the first Grilse in 2012 on the troll weighing in at 4 lb. and staying in the salmon department and my catch of the day, goes to local angler Mr. Eric Jouen – [email protected] who caught a fine fresh 7 lb. salmon on the troll, the fly department was at a stand still with no wind to assist my noble Fly Anglers.

Eric Jouen with a nice salmon

4/5/12 All quiet on the SW front, wind ENE light with reasonable cloud cover.

5/5/12 Lough Currane was on the calm side first thing this morning with a light breeze from the east, then the Lough went calm, until there was a reasonable breeze from the S, with all the wind changes, still my noble fly anglers failed miserably in their duties, and in the trolling department my noble anglers didn’t fair much better but one boat did report a bit of action in the lost department, both in toll and fly, Local Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea – [email protected] and his client lost a fine Sea Trout in the 5 to 6 lb. class on the troll along the North Shore and they also lost a Sea Trout on the fly in Copal in the 2 lbs class. Wind as already stated with reasonable cloud cover this morning and overcast this afternoon with light rain from late afternoon.

6/5/12 Straight to fish of the day and that goes Mr. Alister Dunbar of Scotland fishing with his ghillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy and of www.fishingwithdom.com caught a fine 4 lb. sea trout on the fly and finished his day off with another Sea trout in the 2 lbs class, and staying in the in the Sea Trout department Ger McCarthy fishing with his ghillie Mr. Neil O’Shea and of www.oshealoughcurrane.com caught a fine sea trout in the 2 lb. class on the fly, off the point of Grassy Island. Now we go to the salmon lost department there were reports of one Angler losing two Salmon on the troll and he also caught a Sea Tout. Wind SE light to fresh with good cloud cover.

7/5/12 There was one 4 lb. Grilse caught on the troll by Local Gillie Mr. Vincent Appleby and of www.salmonandseatrout.com and just for the record I also caught a Brown Trout in the 3 lbs class which I put back to fight another day, now to the sea trout department Mr. Gerry O’Sullivan of Cork, caught a fine sea trout on the troll. Wind SW light to fresh. With the odd shower.

That is your ration for this week, from your ghillie/Guide and the Waterville fishery. No Spin No Fly’s just facts.

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