Jim Hendrick and Brian Healy are offering a great opportunity to learn more about making the flies that catch bass and how and where to fish them…

The joy of Discovery

Learn to tie and to fish unique flies and patterns , that swing, for sea trout and bass.

Morning session – 09:30 – 12:30

Tying flies that swing, with Brian

  • Fly types
  • Materials
  • Hooks
  • Balance and colour
  • Simplicity

bass fly
Fishing with bass flies bought from a shop can provide good results for the fly angler. Working with somebody like Brian Healy who can realise your specific requirements adds a dimension that’s simply not available anywhere else.
Lunch at The Yard restaurant

Afternoon session – 14:00 – 17:30

Fishing the flies that swing, with Jim – using the flies you’ve tied

  • Location selection
  • Line types
  • Leader construction and essentials
  • Reading the current
  • Swinging the fly, the different types of swing and when to make them
  • Single handed and Switch rod line determinations and presentations

Workshops available on demand (when conditions allow) two people only per day

Casting gear

  • Rods – TFO – Deer Creek & Echo3,  switch rods #7’s @ 11’-0” – 350-550 grains
  • Lines – Rio Switch line 7/8, Guideline PT and Vision ACE – Rio outbounds 11F
  • Leaders – Rio VersiLeaders various options (accordingly fit to circumstances)
  • Reels – Echo Ion 8/10 – Vison Nite (saltwater resistant NOT proof)
  • Line tray – available here shortly

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Jim Hendrick
Bass Angling Guide
SEAi, 8 St Johns Road, Wexford, Ireland.
Telephone: +353 53 23351
E-mail: [email protected] Web: www.probassfisher.com

“Using traditional presentation techniques to catch fish that are holding in current to feed adds so much to saltwater fly fishing that it should be explored for the pure joy of discovery. Engaging the difficulties of proper presentation is perhaps the most wonderful part of fishing with a fly rod.

The simplicity of casting a long line and stripping back a fly is a way of fishing with the fly rod but it bypasses the full scope that understanding and using traditional presentation techniques encompasses.

A true “new and exciting frontier” for saltwater fly fishing would be to embrace and explore the central and fundamental role that reading current understanding drag and skilful presentation have always played in fly fishing. To understand these energies and use them artfully is the essential core of what it has always meant to be a knowledgeable and gifted fly fisherman”

Ken Abrames –

A little bit of fishing in your day – Jim