Fishery manager Jim Stafford reports that the weather during the latter half of the month was much more favourable for angling with excellent water conditions and spates up to 1.7 metres.  Most of the rain, almost 3inches, fell during the week commencing the 14th with over an inch of rain falling in one day. Overhead and wind conditions were also favourable during this period.

USA angler Bill Sullivan caught one of 10.5lbs, taken on a Collie Dog in the Holly Pool on Beat 8 – Bill also caught a sea trout in the Glenanane Stones on Beat 7. Local angler Peter Coyne caught a grilse of 4.25lbs in the Sea Pool on Beat 9. Conor O’Leary, Dublin, caught 2 in the Tawnyard Potholes on Beat 3 and Poleen on Beat 4.  Con O’Toole, also from Dublin, caught 2 on a Blue & Orange in Yellow Banks – best fish, estimated at 10lbs, was released.  Chris Boone, UK, fishing the Erriff for the first time, caught one in the Coronation Pool on Beat 8 on an Alley Shrimp and another in The Hill on Beat 5 on a Silver Stoat.  Mount Falcon rods Alastair and James Boomer, NI, had 4 between them – best fish 7lbs was taken on a Shrimp Fly in the Black Banks on Beat 6.

Fishing the Erriff for the first time Mike Bowsher, UK, caught 5 on Beat 3 and Beat 8.  Dr. Eoin Bresnihan, Oughterard, released one of 5lbs taken on a Cascade in Humps & Hollows on Beat 6. Colin Edwards, UK, caught one on a Cascade in the Tawnyard Potholes on Beat 3.  Pat Nolan, Nenagh released one of 5lbs taken on a Stoat’s Tail in Deadmans on Beat 2.  Stuart Woodhead, UK, released one of 6lbs and a sea trout of 2lbs taken on a Blue Charm in Black River Run and Cattle Pass on Beat 1 – Stuart also caught another 2 salmon and 3 sea trout in the Quarry Pool on Beat 2.

Arthur Muckian and son James, Dundalk, landed 3 fish, best 7.75lbs taken on a Willie Gunn in Poleen on Beat 4.  Richard & Robert Kelly, Dublin, caught 2 grilse and 6 sea trout on Beat 6 and Beat 9.  Martin Witort, Tourmakeady, Co. Mayo, released one caught on Yellow Banks on Beat 5.  Mark Helmore, Co. Clare, caught one of 5.5lbs on a Cascade in the Willow Pool on Beat 6.  Joe Pilkington landed 2 on Beat 3 and Beat 6.  Fishing a Black Shrimp fly in The Bend on Beat 2 produced a fish of 10lbs for Ken Wickham – his brother Niall released a 4-pounder taken on a Claret Tail Shrimp pattern on Beat 5.

Michel Winthrop’s party from France caught 7 salmon for the week including first ever salmon for Vivien Rossi, Yannick Coupry and Sebastien Bloyon – 4 of the fish were taken in the School House Pool on Beat 3.

Albert Caffrey’s party which included Donal Chambers, Paddy Donegan & Mick Vincent  had a fantastic week’s fishing catching 31 salmon and 26 sea trout for the week – top rod for the week  and indeed the season was Paddy Donegan, Wicklow (blanked last season!) who showed off his angling skills and accounted for 15 salmon including 4 fish in one day– well done Paddy.

The total catch for the period was 72 salmon (32 released) and 38 sea trout.