Fishery manager Jim Stafford reports on fishing for the last 2 weeks of July, when heatwave conditions made for difficult fishing.

Like the first two weeks of the month the glorious summer weather continued with water temperatures reaching 25.7C.  The much needed rain eventually arrived on the morning of the 24th. Heavy downpours increased water levels to 1.2m on the Aasleagh gauge  – as expected the water was heavily peat stained but did clear by late afternoon.  The increase in water levels was a much needed relief to the fry in the streams which were running seriously low. The big build-up of salmon and sea trout which were lying in the estuary ran upstream on this spate with over 600 salmon and 200 sea trout recorded on the fish counter at Aasleagh Falls.

Alessio Sarina with his first salmon on the line at Aasleagh Falls on the River Erriff

Enda O’Connell, UK,  caught a grilse on a Stoat’s Tail in the Falls Pool and a sea trout in the Garden Pool on Beat 9.  Gael Kerschbaumer, France, caught 3 salmon and 5 sea trout on a Willie Gunn and a Cascade on Beats 5 and 9.  Gerard Garnier, Avilley, France, caught 5 grilse and a sea trout – best fish were 2 sparkling fresh 5-pounders taken on Cascades.  Jean Jacques Eugene, France, fishing the Erriff for the first time, caught his first Erriff salmon in Joyce’s Sand Hill (Beat 5) on a Cascade.

John Nelson (NI)  caught one in the estuary in front of the Falls Cottage while spinning for mackerel;  John also caught 2 sea trout on Beats 5 and 9.  The Glenanane Stones produced a fresh- run grilse of 5lbs for Mark Broughton (UK).  The following day Mark caught another of 5.75lbs on an Allys Shrimp in the Falls Pool on Beat 9.  Fishing a Stoat’s Tail micro tube Margie Crawford (NI) caught a fresh-run grilse in the Sea Pool on Beat 9.

Alessio Sarina's First Salmon at Erriff
Alessio Sarina with his first salmon taken on the River Erriff

Allesio Sarina , Barcelona ,Spain, caught his first ever salmon in the Falls Pool – the fish was caught on a Cascade and weighted 5lbs.  Alexandra Llopart, also from Barcelona, was unlucky to part company with two fresh-run grilse on her first time salmon fishing.

Ian Ferris, Dublin, caught a grilse in the Colonel’s Run on Beat 6 on a Frogie Cascade. Kevin Attride, home on holidays from the Netherlands, caught and released a hen fish estimated at 12lbs, which was taken on a Foxford Shrimp in the Broken Bridge Pool on Beat 5 – Kevin also caught 2 sea trout.

Gael Kerschbaumer with a nice grilse taken on the Erriff Fishery

Koldo Bustina, Spain caught his first ever salmon in the Garden Pool on a Blue Charm  – the following day Koldo caught another salmon and 3 sea trout.  Inigo Tellache, Spain, caught 5 sea trout. Gerry Turner caught the only salmon in the local angling competition held on the 27th of the month.

At the time of writing the report (30th) overnight rains have increased levels to 0.9 meters which will allow the build-up of salmon in the Killary to run the river.  Further heavy rain is forecast for the 1st August so prospects look good for some decent fishing.   The total catch for the period was 21 salmon and 31 sea trout which was good given the relatively poor angling conditions that prevailed throughout July.

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Kevin Crowley IFI