Wednesday 17th  April – water now at 4 feet on the gauge at Johnston’s.  Running dirty all the way from Beaufort Bridge.  It will take 24 hours to clear and fall to fish-able condition.

Update – As of 11:00 18/04 the Laune running clear from Beaufort Bridge but in big flood. Looks like tomorrow or later this afternoon may be best time to fish.

There was a good angling effort over weekend and there were fish, salmon and sea trout met.  Visiting anglers and members fished in tough enough conditions but were rewarded with mostly sea trout and the odd salmon.

On Monday 15th Thomas ward caught his first salmon of 2013 a beauty of 9 lbs at Coffey’s.

On Saturday a good few sea trout were met and caught the best 1.75 lbs. Gerald McCarthy lost a nice salmon of about 4lbs at Tom Johnston’s whirlpool spinning.


Excellent when it falls and settles. Should be good  for trout and salmon.   They will be catchable on all methods but you have to be out there. The best sea trout fishing on the Laune in 2012 was during late  especially in the last two weeks.

Beat 3

No news of fish from the beat this week.  Should be worth a look after all this rain.

Anglers please note: A ‘One Day’ salmon permit for Beat 3 only costs €25 probably the best value in salmon fishing in the country with a good chance of a fish.


For further up to date information look up: ‘Water Level’

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