Irish Daily Star Journalist and angling correspondent David Gray reports:

Well Known Cork brothers and big fish catchers Noel and Christy Lane are in the news again. Christy (62) caught a cracking 3.18 lbs specimen whiting last Thursday in the ocean off Cork.

At the time the pair were fishing, along with other anglers, aboard Kinsale charter skipper Butch Robert’s “Sundance Kid”.

“On the way out to the Ling Rocks we stopped to fish for herring that were showing on the sounder”, Christy explained. But we didn’t catch many,” “Luckily we had some mackerel and we used these to attract most of our catch,” he said.

Pollack, wrasse, gurnard and plenty of whiting up to 2.00 lbs were landed during the day. But Christy was the only one to break the magic 3.00 lbs barrier with his mackerel baited Shamrock Red Devil lures.

Cork city with his 3.18 lbs whiting.
Christy Lane with his 3.18 lbs whiting.



David Gray,

Irish Daily Star,


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