Julian Deeprose owner of the M.F.V. Morvena which is based in Baltimore, Co Cork enjoys the company of John Leopold and new recruit Luke. Jules tells us:

Rendezvous Baltimore Pier at Midday with perfect weather. Morvena was looking resplendent in the sunshine. John brought with him his young son Luke Leopold who aged 10, had never been boat fishing before. After being bombarded by questions we stopped for a few minutes at the harbour mouth to take a few Mackerel for bait and for once, they were very accommodating. It took about 10 minutes to get 20 or so and to get Luke used to the feel of fish on. After several delighted exclamations of “this is awesome” and “cool” we steamed out to a drift over rough ground about 5 miles away.

Young skipper Luke
Young skipper Luke

As there was little or no wind and as it was high slack the drift was much too slow to cover any ground effectively. However when the ebb came through, the wind also picked up a little against the tide and we started to move and rock and roll a little, still very little action, so we decided to move again and accompanied by Common Dolphins all the way, steamed to an inshore reef in search of some Pollack and maybe a bonus Cod or two. Third drift and a huge yell of help, we turned round to see Luke’s rod bent and the little feller hanging on for grim death. My first thought was a snag, but judging by the rod tip, obviously not! After a screaming reel and about 10 minutes of hauling the fish up through 30 metres, while being shouted conflicting instructions by two even more excited men, I netted a fine Pollack for the delighted young man. The fish continued to oblige and John joined in the action by foul hooking a massive Mackerel near the dorsal fin. The Cod however remained elusive, even though I have it on good authority that there were a few around a couple of days earlier. We decided to head for home with the master angler closely supervised, at the helm. A good day!

Morvena (2)
Well done Luke !

Julian Deeprose,

M.F.V. Morvena

Web: www.morvena.com