Mr Irish Fly Fisher Liam Stenson and fishing companion Alan O’Neill head out to a Waterford mark which is certainly not for the faint hearted ! After travelling out along the coast, the chosen mark was sixty feet below them and only accessible by rope ! After the descend both men set  up their rods with

Laim abseiling for fishing
Liam abseiling for fishing

intermediate lines and almost immediately “fish on”.  Liam’s first fish on the fly while fishing salt water was a hard-fighting pollack who didn’t surrender easy.  He took off like a bullet when he hit the fly.

As the tide rose the men changed over to a change over to a sinking line and a “Kilcullen Killer”.  Several Mackeral were hooked and as many more lost using this fly. .  a real killer.

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Kilcullen Killer
Kilcullen Killer
Liam Stenson with his first pollack on the fly
Liam Stenson with his first pollack on the fly



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