Sea kayaker Gary Robinson of found time out of a busy schedule to go fishing on the stunning north-west coastline of Galway. Gary has returned to college to undertake an Honours Degree course in Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology.  He tells us “After thirty plus years here in Ireland I figure that if I am not used to the weather by now then I never will be! As a kayak angler in Ireland, the wind is my only enemy.

With the water temperatures dropping to less than 10°C/50°F  I knew that most of the ‘clean’ species would have probably headed off to deeper water by now and the first hour or so saw some very consistent sport from the Thornies”

Gary used a small sandeel bait which saw a couple of bigger Thornies in quick succession.  One of these up to 10lbs/4.5kgs.  An abundance of Thornies were available and it was only the fact that Gary was running short of bait that persuaded him to head for the shore where he met some shore anglers who weren’t as lucky with their day!

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Master fisherman at work !

Gary Robinson,