Roly Byrne aka River Barrow Piker writes from Carlow which like many of the counties around Ireland in the last few weeks has suffered with the amount of rain and storms that have hit.  Roly tells us:
“Many of my favourite swims and slacks have been rendered useless, all that remains are raging torrents of coloured water. We walked (and waded) through many miles of overflowing river and partially submerged towpaths searching for possible swims but to no avail. So the junior piker and myself have been forced to retreat… however not to the comfort of the sofa and the fireplace but to the backwaters of the Barrow, our retreat which I deemed necessary, also for safety reasons, has proved to be to our “trump card”.”

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Pike from a narrow swim
Pike from a very tight swim
Junior piker competes with Dad
Junior piker competes with Dad
A young master angler...
A young master angler…


Roly Byrne,

Barrow Piker