Joe White, writing for,  tells us about a recent sea angling trip with Lee Byrne to an East coast mark…

They arrived at the mark, with some top quality fresh crab and rag from Danny in Dublin Angling Centre, just as the tide was starting to rise. As they were setting up, Joe’s first rod had a bite before the second had been cast out. At first it seemed like the fish had got off, but Joe kept winding and eventually he brought a bass of 6.3lb up on the shingle. After a few photographs and back she went swimming off strongly.

A fine 6.3lb bass, caught on crab and safely released


They re-baited and finished setting up but it was quiet for the next hour or so. Then the second rod got a proper wallop and Joe was into another fish, this time about 5.6lb.

After that it was a few dogs and a nice cod until after another hour or so the 3rd bass of the night was landed.

Crab on a pennell pulley, up and over did the damage and it was a good result given the small tide and calm conditions.

For the full report and more photos see East coast bass by Joe White

Bass on the east coast