Frank Maunsell from the Owenmore Fishery reports that the rain on Sunday has brought on a good run of sea trout…

23 June: We had six inches of water on the river yesterday and there are some fine trout up to 4 lbs in the system. These fish are heading straight for the lakes but can be caught by night in the pools on the way up.

There is some rain forecast for the week end and hopefully this will bring a good run of fish. There are a lot of trout in the estuary showing themselves and if they got the water they are ready to come in.

Frank Maunsell
Owenmore Fishery

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There are approximately five miles of fly fishing along the main part of the Owenmore River in Kerry, with 33 named pools and an additional 180 acres of lake fishing in this Kerry beauty spot. The salmon, grilse and sea trout begin to run in April. The runs continue through spring and summer into early October.

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