Osgur Grieve reports from the Erriff Fishery:

A total of 35 salmon were caught on the Erriff Fishery last week. Most of the fish were grilse in the 3lbs. – 5lbs. bracket. Some of the catches were 2 salmon caught by Gerard Garnier and Joe Burke estimated at 12lbs. which were caught and released. Austrian visitors, Tobias, Gernot and Martin had 12 grilse for their week ranging from 5.75lbs. to 2lbs. Tobias also had 2 sea-trout of 1.5lbs. Bernd the fourth member of the Austrian party was unlucky not to make it into the catch records. Anthony Tindal had 2 grilse both weighing 3.5lbs. one on a Silver Doctor and the other on what he called a ”Special”. Nice of Anthony to stray away from the usual Ally’s Shrimp and Cascade patterns that have dominated the catch records lately. Conor O’Leary had a nice fish of 5.75lbs. on an orange Shrimp, while local angler, Bernard King, caught 2 grilse of 3lbs. and 4lbs. It has been a good 9 days for the fishery as regards salmon but sea-trout catches are still low.

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