David McEvoy from the Delphi Fishery reports that the rain has finally ceased and they even saw some blue skies in Delphi in the last week…

The midges have also made a dramatic comeback, eager to make up for lost time and they were as vicious as ever. The fishing has also slowed down with the fine weather and the salmon seem to be getting a touch of the blues, i.e. very uncooperative in other words. Having said that we did have some truly stunning days (for the year that’s in it) in the last week and one was privileged to be out and about in such beautiful surroundings.

Another Finlough salmon

We have landed ten fish since my last update. The first of these was taken by Brian Forristal, who landed his first ever salmon. The fish was taken on a Cascade in the Deadmans and weighed in at 4lbs4.5ozs. Urs had a fish that evening from the Kings pool of 3lb 14oz on an Improved Helmore’s Hackle.

We actually did get rain Sunday night and Monday morning and there was a good flow in the Glenummera at Doolough. Matt Gardinier was getting a lesson from me and because the midges were so bad on the lawn we adjourned to Doolough where Matt landed his first ever salmon, a lovely hen fish of approx. 8lbs taken on a Delphi Collie and duly returned to hopefully further its journey up the Glenummera in December to spawn.

Ready to be released…

On Wednesday Wayne Byrne who is home on holiday from the UK managed to out fish his brother Gareth, when he landed two fish. The first was 8lb 5oz taken in the Turn pool on a Gold Headed nymph and the second of 4lb 8oz from Boat Point on Finlough on a Yellow Flame Thrower. On Thursday Urs had one of 2lb 3oz on a Daddy Long Legs from Boat Point on Fin and on Friday he had another, this time a fine fish of 10lb 1oz from the Turn pool on a Neighbour’s Cat nymph. (I hope the neighbour has a new cat at this stage!!)

Finally yesterday there were three salmon landed. Mark Corps had two from the Turn pool on nymphs, one of 8lb 5oz and one of 4lb 12oz. Finally David Dunne also had a fish of 6lb off Finlough on a Willie Gunn.

There are plenty of fish in the system now but they are a little bit difficult at the minute, but it looks like the weather will break again on Wednesday which will hopefully liven them up again and draw a few more fresh fish in.

David McEvoy
Delphi Fishery

Go fishing…

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