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Ghillie Vincent Appleby reports on the salmon and sea trout fishing in the past week on Lough Currane from his blog at

Mr. Junior Scully and Master Ryan Early  with a nice salmon
Mr. Junior Scully and Master Ryan Early with a nice salmon

8/4/15 Lough Currane saw some great action. First in the striking zone was renowned Local ghillie Mr. Junior Scully, fishing with his Grandson Master Ryan Early, they caught a fine 12 lbs. Salmon on the troll, Junior was telling me that Ryan was telling his Granddad where to go and like all good Grandparents, junior did as he was told and the rest is history. There is a philosophy to this story, its never to Early to learn and remember this Ryan, Early to bed Early to rise makes a young fishermen healthy and Wise. Staying with the Salmon department, UK Angler Mr. John Bojter, fishing out of fishing with his ghillie MD, caught  a fine 9 lb., Salmon on the Troll. Now to catch of the day and that goes to Mr. Andrew Brown, who caught a fine specimen Sea Trout of 8 lb. on the fly, while fishing with his ghillie Mr. Bob Priestley. Wind South with bright sunshine all day.

Andrew Brown with a specimen sea trout of 8.5 lb. taken on fly.
Andrew Brown with a specimen sea trout of 8.5 lb. taken on fly.

9/4/15  Bright Sunshine was the order of the day, all my Noble Anglers caught was a suntan as the wild Atlantic Salmon gave the anglers a Winston Churchill. Wind South fresh. As you can see the photo tells the story.

10/4/15  There was unconfirmed news of a very large sea trout of 11.5 lb. caught on the troll today but we await a photos and confirmation of the story.   Now to the Salmon department, Mr. Peter Rall of Germany fishing out of  was in good form again in the trolling department with a fine 8 lb. Salmon, while fishing with his ghillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of Wind SW fresh with reasonable cloud cover.

Peter with a fine salmon
Peter with a fine salmon of 8 lb.

11/4/15  Lough Currane was on the quiet side after yesterdays cracking Sea Trout. The only bit of excitement was with the weather, with a mixture of hale stones and sunshine and a strong westerly wind.

12/4/15  My Noble anglers failed miserably in their duties to  procure any form of wild Lough Curran stock, in other words my Noble Game Fish made right Goats of all anglers in all departments. The only bit of an excuse they have there was a very slack East wind with reasonable cloud cover.

13/4/15 There were a few boats out manipulating in ever decreasing circles and by the end of the day they felt like they were going up through, well I will leave the rest to your imagination !! As the Wild Atlantic Salmon looked up with a smile as he swam through the currents of Lough Currane and thinking to himself, born to be free. Weather, overcast with a strong SW Wind.

14/4/15 Lough Currane was on the quiet side in all departments, even though there were 6 boats trying to stalk and entice the old Wild Atlantic Salmon with their Rapalas and Toby’s and Flies. So on that note I will head for the photography department and the World Famous Butler Pool and of  last week, Mr Bernard Rall and his Brother Peter Rall of Germany were fishing on the Pool and Peter took a cracker of a photo of a  Salmon coming out of the water, it may not have been catch of the day but it certainly was their photo of the week and as you know they caught a few Salmon on their trip to Waterville. Wind West moderate with reasonable cloud cover.

A salmon in the Butler Pool in Waterville
A salmon in the Butler Pool in Waterville

15/4/15 All quiet on the SW front, there were a few boats out, but alas they couldn’t entice My Noble Gentlemen the Salmon to co-operate their professional manipulations. Wind E light with reasonable cloud cover.

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