Well, maybe not quite, but Tomasz of  Sea Bass Hunting  did get a photo of a whirlwind and reports that the fishing is going well…

A whirlwind or possibly a waterspout kicked up by the warm weather…


19 March: The weather is still very good and the water temperature continues to increase.

A whirlwind kicked up by the warm weather…

Bass are increasingly active. I caught two (tagged and released),  and a few followed the lure.

If you catch a tagged bass don’t forget to report it to IFI.
Tomasz Ekert
Sea Bass Hunting 

National Bass Tagging Programme

If you catch a bass with a yellow tag, please don’t remove the tag. Note the code on the tag (e.g. B-00001). If possible take a length and weight of the fish, and five scales from behind the pectoral fin (see link below for more details). Please then release the fish alive! Send us the details, along with the date and location and your name and phone number to [email protected].

Find out more about the National Bass Tagging Programme