Rob Love’s clients are philosophical about the rugby results but had ambitions of their own in this pike adventure…
“C’est la vie – some you win, some you lose” was how Hervé rather philosophically put it when responding to a gentle ribbing on the result of the Ireland – France match the day before.
Hervé and his friend David were joining me for an afternoons fly fishing for Pike on the Rye Lake at Carton House last Sunday and I was hoping that lady luck would be kinder to them than she was to ‘Les Bleus’ on Saturday evening.

Rye Lake
David beat Herve 3-1 on the fish count

You see, rugby, like fishing, despite no small amount of skill somewhat depends at times on a large slice of luck. The oval ball is an obvious example and the smallest of margins sometimes determine whether a long raking kick bounces into touch or pops up wonderfully into the arms of a grateful onrushing receiver. Similarly, casting along the margins of a river or lake can at times have mixed fortune, the fly may land in a clump of weeds or landing inches away can land in a hungry Pikes field of vision with spectacular results.
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Sometimes a change of tactics can make an enormous difference. Like when the French decided to throw caution to the wind in the final minutes and fling the ball around and offload with verve of old, a change in rate or style of retrieve can lead to the fly attracting more interest.
And finally, without wanting to labour the point, a substitution – like Parra for Kockott or a change of fly can sometimes save the day. Thankfully for Ireland the French coach Phillipe Saint André, in angling terms, didn’t change his fly or style of retrieve until it was far too late and therefore drew a blank.
For the record 4 Jack Pike were caught that afternoon and maybe it was a combination of skill, luck and small margins that David caught 3 of them.

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