Salmon fishing on the River Boyne improved last week with good numbers of fresh fish running the system. Read Christopher Defillon’s report below:

The unusually good weather for Ireland was very enjoyable in the last few weeks, but at the same time it made the salmon fishing even more difficult then normally is. Last week, the rain what we were all waiting for finally arrived to rise the level of the River Boyne, making it possible for some fresh fish run up to the river. The life immediately came back to the river with the first big fall of rain earlier the week.  And I headed out with my clients from France to make a first attempt to catch them. After long hours of casting and a few showers we had the first hit but the fish missed the spoon, it was a fresh fish seen the bright silver flash.

My client was determined to catch one on the fly so we changed tactic and switched to the fly rod and it payed off very well as on the second cast he was hooked up, with a lovely fresh run salmon on the end of his line. After a super fight and a quick picture he released a fish in top condition, nice to see a strong healthy fish swim away. We changed pools after a few more casts and soon he was in again this time on the spinning rod with a spoon. We had bites before but the salmon mostly just pushed the lure and didn’t take them properly until this one decided to take the spoon very aggressively.

At the end of the week we had 7 salmon all together. The weather and water conditions all improved compared to the last few weeks, plenty of salmon running at the moment and all the legal methods are working very well.

Fly caught Boyne salmon


Into a salmon on the Boyne


Cracking fish – fresh from the sea!


Another fine Boyne salmon to be release


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