Irish Water Safety and Inland Fisheries Ireland urge anglers to stay safe on the water

Storms come and seasons change. Our autumn flips between summer days and wintry evenings. Salmon and trout fishing is all closed for another year. Coarse anglers still getting good time on the water and festival results continue to impress, while sea anglers make the most of the good days. But for pike anglers October is really all about new beginnings…

Angling guide Bodo Funke with a chunky pike of exactly 100cm
Angling guide Bodo Funke with a chunky pike of exactly 100cm #CPRsavesfish
record fish
A 75lb record breaking tope for Stephen Hanway. The fish was weighed on land and swam off strongly after a quick photo. #CPRsavesfish
Lough Currane on Sunday
Lough Currane on a windy day late in the season
Golden Glory – Mary Harkin’s with her 4lb trout from Sheelin caught on a Green Dabbler #CPRsavesfish
Tony Kersley scores again in County Leitrim
Tony Kersley scores again in County Leitrim #CPRsavesfish

Safe angling…

Inland Fisheries Ireland is reminding anglers to follow safety guidelines when fishing. Three anglers have died in Ireland so far this year as a result of drowning, according to the latest figures from Irish Water Safety.

Last year, a total of 109 people drowned in Irish waters. This equates to nine deaths every month with many drownings happening quickly, silently and in shallow water. Of the 109 drownings last year, 84 were male and 24 were female.

As angling is a water based activity, anglers often have to deal with changing conditions and hidden dangers.  Inland Fisheries Ireland is reminding anglers to exercise great care for their own safety and that of angling partners. Anglers are asked to follow some simple safety tips when going fishing:

  • Wear a life jacket
    The law requires that a Personal Flotation Device must be worn:

    • By anyone on an open craft under seven metres in length
    • By anyone on deck on a craft that is under seven metres in length
    • By anyone under the age of 16 on board an open craft or on deck of any other type of craft  
  • Follow advice on warning signs, permits and notices
  • Don’t take any risks when wading or fishing from boat, shore or bank
  • Check the weather forecast and tide tables before you go
  • Take time to observe weather, water and tide conditions while fishing
  •  Fish with a partner/buddy or let someone know where you’re going
  • Take a fully charged mobile phone in a waterproof case/bag
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear

Suzanne Campion, Head of Business Development at Inland Fisheries Ireland said: “There are 273,000 domestic anglers in Ireland who enjoy fishing at the many scenic destinations across the country. Many anglers have been fishing for many years and may feel experienced on being near or on the water however we would appeal to anglers to follow these simple safety steps at all times.  Although game angling has finished for 2018, angling for other species continues in many isolated peripheral and rural areas and with winter approaching, it is important to stay safe.

Our angling website ( and information booklet Safety on the Water – Angling Water Safety Guidelines details guidelines around safety on lakes and at sea alongside important information regarding tides and currents, what to wear and the type of boat you should use. We would ask anglers to take some time to familiarise themselves with this safety information and to remember their safety is a priority when angling. ”

Inland Fisheries Ireland has a detailed guide to safety at You can also download a free copy of the information leaflet Safety on the Water – Angling Water Safety Guidelines at

Safe fishing to all and tight lines, especially here in Ireland.

Myles Kelly
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