Tim O’Herlihy reports on the Munster Youth Boat scene…

Following the first Youth Summer Boat League 2017 and the success of our Home Nations team in June we have seen a huge increase in interest in boat fishing in Cork Harbour.  The 2018 Youth league was held over 4 rounds – July (2) and August with the final round in September incorporating the Munster Championship.

Round 1

In total 29 fished one or more rounds, a dozen of which were first time boat anglers, with 11 aged under 12.  Amongst the species caught were Blenny, Bull Huss, Codling, Conger, Dab, Dogfish, Flounder, Goby, Grey & Tub Gurnard, Mackerel, Pouting, Scad, Scorpion, Whiting and Thornback Ray with even experienced anglers landing new species.

Our priority for the league was to get first time anglers interested in the sport and retain those who had fished before, for the first 3 rounds (Friday evenings) all anglers on each boat fished the same single hook rigs on the bottom and moved places at halftime.  Catching fish became about concentration, a little luck, and not who had the best rigs or the hot peg resulting in first time anglers winning boats.

The ultimate round was held on Saturday 1st September in a glass calm harbour with a pod of dolphins feeding around the boats.  To make it fair for all the event was divided in 4 x 50 minute sessions with all anglers drawing for boat position and moving 2 spaces at each change.  The first session was slow due to slack tide however as the tide started moving fish numbers and species picked up will all anglers catching fish.

Congratulations to our Munster Championship medalists and interprovincial team members:

U18. 1 Sarah Lynch, 2 Ciarán de Barra, 3 Jerry O’Connor (first time angler), 4 Cormac O’Brien, 5 Stephen Long.

U12. 1 Kieran Lane Panah (first time angler), 2 Patrick Lucey (new angler 2018), 3 Scott McShane, 4 Alister Kennedy, 5 Jack Wash.

and also those who topped our league

U18. 1 Sarah Lynch, 2 Cormac O’Brien, 3 Stephen Long.

U12. 1 Sean O’Herlihy, 2 Vytautas Senkus (new angler 2018), 3 David Enright.

The Summer League and Munster Championship wouldn’t be possible without a number of people:

The Skippers who have gave their boats and time free on Fridays and who accommodated us for the Munster Championship – Pat Condon of Osprey, Alan Kennedy of Lagosta II, Tony Lane of Camden Mist, Joe Lynch of Wreck Hunter, John Barry of Cuan Bawn, Jim Linehan of Deora De and Donal Geary of John Boy

Sponsors of bait Dan Lynch and Eoin O’Brien

Sponsors of League Prizes (every angler went home with a box, t-shirt, commemorative glass, rigs and a voucher or tackle):

T-shirts and commemorative glass pieces John Dennehy

Tackle Boxes Eoin O’Brien

Rods, Reels, Vouchers and Rigs Dan Lynch, Eoin O’Brien, Sean Og McShane, Graham Walsh, Vince Hogan & Brian O’Callaghan

The parents who helped each time tying rigs, cutting bait, handling fish and keeping score, particularly Eoin O’Brien, Dan Lynch, Graham Walsh, Sean Og McShane, Pio Enright, Vince Hogan, Brian O’Callaghan and Mary O’Connor

Crosshaven Sea Angling Club for hosting the prize giving.


Details of future Youth Boat competitions will be published at https://www.facebook.com/Munster-Provincial-Council-IFSA-1794932474155289/?ref=br_tf