Jacek Gorny reports on his recent fishing trips:

It was a great weekend! On Friday I was fishing with Andrzej. We caught some good pike and big perch. The largest fish – 100cm pike. On Saturday, I was fishing with Ania and Sławek. Lots of big fish! 100cm, 98cm, 96cm, 93cm, 92cm, 91cm and a few smaller ones.

Nice pike for Ania
And one for Slawek

On Sunday I took part in Midland Pike Anglers competitions. I started on the boat alone. Most of the boats are 2-person teams. Only one, biggest pike from the boat was counted. So in my case, I fight with 2 fishing rods with boats equipped with four fishing rods… But I managed to catch 104cm, 100cm, 97cm, 96cm, 94cm, 90cm, 88cm!

Unfortunately I lost by 0.5cm (biggest fish competition). So… The second place… I’m happy
As you can see in the pictures fish are still active. We have available days. We invite you to the expeditions. Big Irish pike, trout and perch… You choose what you want to catch.

Go Fishing with Jacek……..

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