Casting With Ceri
Ceri Jones with his 19lbs monster from Corrib

Ceri Jones is a Welsh photographer and fanatic trout angler who has been visiting the west of Ireland for many years, and has caught some of the biggest trout from Lough Corrib. He has a new website – where he is busy recording and uploading podcast interviews with fishing people – anglers, guides and other angling personalities.


Irish Content

While based in Wales, and with a lot of UK content, Ceri’s love of Ireland and Irish fishing shows in the Irish content on his site, with some amazing photography too.

Ceri takes some great photos, like this sunset scene from Corrib. Many of these are for sale as prints from his website.


This week we feature Ceri himself, talking about the magnificent 19lbs ferox trout he landed on one of his many trips to Lough Corrib. Click on the link, close your eyes and let Ceri bring you to a lovely warm day in May, and hear all about his love for these great fish.


Listen here.