Perch to 43cm – drop shot, jigs, Cheburashka rigs and more


Marcin Kantor is back again this week, while resting the pike coming into spawn, he turns his attention to perch…

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Marcin’s notes: Fishing for big perch with lures and revealing most of my secrets here. Finding a big perch in Ireland isn’t easy. We certainly have the numbers, but it takes a lot of angling effort to find big perch. As per the famous book by the Perchfishers, big nice Perch really are “The Biggest Fish of All”. In this video, I am lucky enough to catch my new personal best Irish Perch of 43cm. In the process, I describe my very best lures for perch, showing techniques of how to work them, both while fishing for perch with jigs and drop shot fishing. I show my cheburashka rig and explain the difference between lead and tungsten chebu sinkers. Also, getting into the time of the year when an angler has the best chance of catching big perch in Ireland. In general, it’s all about tips and information on how to catch perch.

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