News of the River Glydes’ first salmon of the year has just been received by us. The fish was a lovely 11lb fresh run salmon and according to reports was a 2021 first for the Glyde and County Louth. This lovely fresh salmon was caught yesterday on the lower reaches of the River Glyde. To date no other salmon have been reported from the north-easts Dee, Fane or Glyde.

The River Boyne

Still in the north east, there was a run of salmon into the Boyne catchment over the last few weeks. And a number of anglers were lucky to connect with a small number of fish. Weights reported varied from 7lbs to 10lbs. Fly, spinning and prawn all caught fish.

The lower River Boyne
The lower River Boyne (file photo)

Rain had been needed in the Boyne for some time. And when it did arrive, the resulting high water levels scattered the run of fish right throughout the whole system. Anglers are eagerly awaiting the next run of fish.

Go Fishing …………

Information on salmon fishing in the north-east can be found at the following link