Vincent Appleby  reports from Lough Currane…

10/2/21 Kelts were the order of the day in the Barbless and Brownless department, just for the record there were a total of four boats out on this freezing cold day, two Brownless Tags of which 1 was a hand me down Brown Tag, followed by two Barbless boats. Wind E and veered SE at times. On the temperature front 3C felt like -3C.

11/2/21 Currane Brown Tag and Barbless Anglers were left stranded on the Currane shoreline today as a strong ESE closed the Salmon and Sea Trout stations on both sides of Lough Currane. In the words of one Currane Angler it was dangerous out there.

12/2/21 Southeast wind takes control of the Brown tag and Barbless Boats are left docked. Wind SE strong and overcast followed by mist rain all day and staying with the weather, Kerry is on a yellow warning with strong SE Gails and flooding is expected.

13/2/21 Lough Currane today was Brownless and Tagless as the Currane Anglers again were left standing as the weather dictates today’s proceedings as the fresh to strong SSE wind takes control of Lough Currane.

14/2/21 Lough Currane was a no go this morning with wind gusts up to 63 MPH come afternoon wind gust dropped to about 42 MPH and to the best of my Knowledge and over 50 years’ experience on Lough Currane, the Big Lake was still a no go? Wind SSW fresh to strong in the afternoon.

15/2/21 The Currane Brown and Barbless anglers were prohibited from manipulating their flie and trolling skills this day, thanks again to a strong SW gale come afternoon veered S late this afternoon. Now to all our save our Game Fishing Community click the link.

16/2/21 Sorry to report that the Brownless and Tagless Currane anglers were not out, in other words Lough Currane was boatless to the best of my Knowledge. Wind SSW fresh with reasonable cloud cover.

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The rivers and lakes of Waterville drain a large catchment and are regarded by many as the foremost Salmon and Sea-Trout fishery in the country. The lake system is well developed with access to boats and guides being readily available to the tourist angler. The Sea-Trout caught here are renowned for their size and quantity. For more details see