Damien Culliney of anglersparadise.ie reports on a recent day out which threw up some cracking pike, including one over the magic 120cm:
Had my good friend Mark out for a day’s fishing recently. With a cold easterly wind blowing hard we were ere not expecting much action. We started in the shallows and there wasn’t a lot going on there so we moved out to the deeper water on the shelves where we met our first fish which was a lovely 103 cm pike, a great fish given the tough conditions. The wind blew up even more as we continued on our mission. About a half later, the rod bent over again, and playing the fish, she didn’t seem as big as the first, but we soon realised when got near the boat we were into something special. After a few energetic tail walks we finally got her in the net. When we put on the measuring boat we realised we had the magic 120cm on the boat Pb’s all-round. What a beautiful wild Irish pike which was in great condition and went back lovely to fight another day. We had one more fish after that which was 96cm .#swimmin dawg #bigpike #www.anglersparadise.ie

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