CM Lakelands Feeder Club have been busy over the past few weekends visiting both Muckno and Garadice as part of their feeder league. The weekend before last, 25 anglers fished round 4 of the C/M Lakelands Lough Muckno feeder league. They reported good catches for the time of year with plenty of 5+ kilo bags:

1st Alan Larkin 6.660kg
2nd Neil Mazurek 5.980kg
3rd Robertas Zilaitis 5.940kg
4th Brenton Sweeney 5.460kg
Darren Fairhurst 5.060, black island
Damien Foltyn 4.620kg south lodge shallow
Rimantas Kondrackas 4.220kg south lodge deep
Seamus Winters 4.100kg
Round 5 in 2 weeks time

Last weekend it was back to Garadice where they fished on two separate sections where bags weren’t quite as big but catches of 40-50 fish were the order of the day.

1ST Tony Hopkins 5.690kg
2ND Rimantas Kondrackas 4.840kg
3RD Richard Pratt 3.400kg
4TH Eimantas Kasalynas 2.300kg
1ST Nigel Holdsworth 4.540kg
2ND Rafal ostrowski 3.520kg
3RD Robertas Zilaitis 3.080kg
4TH Barney Humphries 3.040kg