Congratulations to 11 year old Cameron Dowd from Dublin who landed four different predator species last Saturday.

He was fishing a midlands lake with his dad Damian and Chris Barry of Go Fishing Ireland.

Cameron targeted a “Triple Crown” catch of Rainbow Trout, Perch and Pike. However, he also managed to add the elusive fourth species, a Brown trout, to claim the “Grand Slam”. There aren’t many places in Ireland where you can do this, and it was great achievement for this talented young angler.

A pike for Cameron
A big ‘Bow’

“The fishing was quite tough in calm, often bright conditions, but Cameron fished patiently and accurately throughout the day”, said Chris. His Dad, Damian, had some nice fish as well.

Targeting multiple predator species in a single day is becoming more popular. It’s a real test of the angler’s skill and ability to work lures and flies at different depths in the water column to target the different predator species.

And a brownie
And finally a perch

Next up, Cameron has set his sights on landing a 100cm pike this autumn. Judging by his performance so far, we think he’s going to do it.  Well done.