Newbridge District Pike Angling Club were back on the water recently for their annual ’30hr’ competition. The turnout was lower than usual due to summer holidays etc. so rather than fish 30 hours on the trot, they broke it down into two competitions to be held on consecutive days. Fishing was patchy enough over both days but they still managed a respectable 96 pike.

Results as follows:

Day 1 competition:
1st Brendan Jervis 9.9 hf 16.02 bag
2nd Eugene mc Cabe 8.4hf 22.4 bag
3rd Dave Murphy 3.8 hf 19.4 bag
Day 2 competition:
1st Kevin Foley 10.5 hf 22.5 bag
2nd Dave Murphy 8.15 57.7 bag
3rd Eugene mc Cabe 5.5hf 43.3 bag