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Sea trout angling gone slow on the Moy Estuary

A Sea Trout caught on a Mallard & Claret before being released

Kevin O’Boyle reports from the Moy Estuary…

Reports from the Estuary say sea trout angling has slowed down a good bit, mainly due to the hot weather. However, the estuary is also full of white bait, and the sea trout are gorging on them. The next flood that comes will most likely flush out the white bait, and hopefully the sea trout will go back to feeding on sand eels etc. Big shoals of mackerel are also in the estuary, feeding on the white bait.

Joe Quinn, Ballina, spent an evening fly fishing at the Black Banks and had some good trout, all released, on the Mallard & Claret.

Harry Mc Cafferty, Brackwansha, Knockmore, had a few small trout to the boat and but just one keeper all released to a white Tasmanian Devil.