Lough Corrib’s trout anglers enjoyed reasonably good fishing last week, but the much of it was localised so some never got in on the action at all. The Olives are well up now and Saturday saw good fishing. Unfortunately Sunday became quite wild and the various club competitions planned for the day had to be postponed. Not a great finish to the weekend but there was talk about when the first Mayfly would be seen hatching on the lake…

Winds improved this week and temperatures are up again so fishing is back on track. Tomi Kurman (Tomi Guided Fishing) had a few guests out over the last couple of days and he has been putting them on some great ferox trout as usual. This week his visiting anglers are from Martinique in the Caribbean. They’ve experience genuine Irish weather and also had some great trout to over 75cm.

Antoine strikes again with this beautiful 75cm Ferox trout