Pike can be a funny fish to target. Sometimes when everything feels right, the pike are just switched off and refuse to take any interest in anything you throw at them. Other times they just seem to switch on for no apparent reason, and if you are lucky enough to be out on one of those days, you can have a real bonanza.

Well, a few of the Newbridge District Pike Anglers had just such a bonanza recently as they took a 4am start to travel to a river venue. With rods out before dawn, things started to get active, with a couple of jacks coming in quick and fast. Then the real fun started when a super fish of 21.3lb came to the net, which was very quickly followed by another fish of exactly the same size. Two twenties in 20 minutes; that’s exciting fishing.

But things were to get even better as a 21.9lb fish was the next lunker to be landed before things started to get a little quiet. The lads decided that a move of swim was in order, and that decision proved inspirational, as another two twenties were netted along with plenty of smaller fish, including one 16lb pike that had a 3lb tench in its throat.

At the end of the day the lads had 23 fish, including five twenties and two doubles, to make it a session they will never forget. See their full report here.

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