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    Sea angling on the east coast


    Ireland’s East Coast offers sea anglers a fantastic variety of good quality fishing whether you are interested in shore, small boat, charter boat, rock fishing or the new craze, flyfishing for bass. Sea angling is available along the entire coastline from Ballaghan Point in County Louth to Ballyteigue Bay in County Wexford. Anglers will find many fantastic venues and a multitude of species throughout the region. The region also hosts a number of fishing festivals annually including the prestigious ‘Small Boats and Winter Beach Festival’.

    The South East offers some of the best sea angling on the east coast. There are a number of well developed sea angling centres of which Kilmore Quay is a fine example, as a group of small and charter boats operate from this pretty harbour. The ease of access provided by the ferry terminals at Rosslare and Dun Laoghaire as well as Dublin and Waterford airports to the South East means there is less travelling and more fishing time for visitors!


    Deep Sea Angling: Deep sea charter boats based in Carlingford and Dundalk.  Species caught in this area are, tope, ray, dogfish, spurdog, cod, whiting, flatfish, pollack, conger and mackerel.  The highlight of this area is the excellent tope fishing from July to September.   27 tope caught in one days angling on one boat recently.

    Shore Fishing: Pollack, conger and mackerel taken from rocky headlands.  Bass, flatfish, dogfish and sea trout from beaches and estuaries.

    Small Boat: Small boat anglers can enjoy tope fishing in Carlingford and Dundalk Bays. Codling and whiting during the winter months.

    When to Fish: Codling – September to February. Bass –  July to October. Tope – July to September.

    Comments: Excellent catches of tope (boat) and bass (shore) in recent years.  Spinning, plugging, fly fishing and bottom fishing are the best methods for successful bass catches Irish record tope of 66½ lbs recorded Carlingford Lough.

    For further information visit Carlingford to the Boyne Estuary


    Notice: New sea angling booklet for Kilmore Quay This link opens a 2MB pdf

    Deep Sea Angling: A fleet of licensed charter boats operate from the Harbour in Kilmore Quay.  Species caught are cod, wrasse, haddock, tope, pollack, spurdog, ling, bass, coalfish etc. Very strong tides in this area.

    Shore Fishing: Choices of beach, rock, pier and estuary within 20 minutes of Kilmore Quay.  Many bass and flounder hotspots. Download shore map for South West Wexford [.doc, 1MB]. Download shore map for South East Wexford [.doc, 1MB].

    Small Boat: Good launching facilities at Kilmore Quay.  Up top 40 species available with main target fish being tope, cod, wrasse and bass.  Some sheltered fishing around Saltee Islands.

    When to Fish: Best period for tope July to September. Winter months for cod. June- September best months for bass.

    Comments: Hosts the longest running Small Boats Festival annually with over 30 species required to win. This area is also renowned for its good cod fishing.  Excellent facilities in the marina enables boat fishing all year.  Irish record flounder (Ballytiegue) pouting, red mullet and smooth hound held in this area.

    For further information see Kilmore Quay and South Wexford.

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