Over the last week flounder numbers started to gather in the South Wicklow and Wexford estuaries. Good numbers of flounders have been caught and thankfully as more anglers are now using Gemini disgorgers there are far less fatalities being found. Most flounders are being released safely. Anglers should familiarize themselves with how to use a Gemini disgorger as it can be put under the gill cover and out through the flounders mouth.  The snood can be placed in the ring and taken back through the gill.  Allowing the angler to pull the snood and turn the hook, it can then be pushed back out through the flounders mouth. The hook can also be cut off.  As flounders at times can give very little bite indication and regularly engulf the bait this tool is highly recommended. The best bait generally tends to be peeler crab or crab lug cocktails. Long snoods, small crab hooks and 4/5oz non grip leads work well for estuary fishing. Some anglers like to add coloured beads to their snoods particularly in coloured water.

The Burrow beach in Kilmore, Wexford is producing coalfish to 40cms the best bait to use is crab, lug or mussel.