David Byrne reports that another recent pike outing was undertaken on Wednesday the 25th by Dundalk anglers Jim ‘Red’ McKeever and boatman Justin Bird.  The lads were fishing on a lough in the South Monaghan area when Jim hooked a cracker which turned out to be his personal best a fantastic 26 lb fish in great condition. I t gave a great scrap before being boated.  The fish was caught on float trolled roach.  Weather conditions were very poor on the day with strong winds and rough conditions. The lads were on the verge of quitting and calling it a day when on troll home the fish was hooked. It just goes to show that the last cast can be as important as the first.  The picture here shows the boatman Justin Bird holding Jim McKeever’s great fish.  The good pike wins our catch of the week award.


Boatman Justin Bird holds the 26 lb. pike for captor Jim 'Red' McKeever and is the Catch of the Week.